How Sharon Became a Rolfer

As a child Sharon always enjoyed creating and working with her hands. She would sew, knit, cut, paste and constantly do artistic projects. Her love of art and her creativity was nurtured throughout high school and she was accepted to the prestigious School of Fine Arts at Boston University to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. A predominantly figure-oriented school, Sharon studied anatomy for her first two years. Each of her last two years culminated with a life-sized nude sculpture complete from building the armature (skeletal base foundation) to exact muscle rendering. Here Sharon discovered her love for the human body.

While at BU, she was swept into the wave of body-mind thought that was just beginning in the 1970’s. Sharon got involved with massage and nutrition and soon heard about Rolfing®. She was told it was a bodywork technique that “organized and integrated the body”. She knew she had to have that experience. In her second session of the ten session series, she had an epiphany and knew that she would become a Rolfer. Sharon had found her life’s work- or it had found her!

Sharon’s prerequisite courses at Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester, Massachusetts in physiology, more anatomy and massage techniques produced a Certification in Therapeutic Massage. Taking kinesiology at a local college studying the science of human movement and writing a series of research papers, she was soon accepted to the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado, completing her Basic Rolfing® Certification in 1981. After many three and six day workshops and seven years in practice, she went on to do her Advanced Rolfing® Certification in 1988. Sharon has been spending her days for the last thirty one years sculpting people’s bodies, helping them find their own freedom from pain, imbalance, stress and injuries. She feels blessed to love her work and is humbled to participate in and witness transformation.

She has studied with many great teachers along the way. Each of these gifted people has contributed their own special knowledge and insights. She would like to say thank you to each of them for teaching her the tools of the trade… and then some.

  • Tom Wing, Stacy Mills, Neal Powers, Patrick Clough, Louis Schultz, PhD, Basic Rolfing®
  • Jan Sultan, Michael Salveson, Gael Ohlgren,  Advanced Rolfing®
  • Tom Meyers,  Anatomy Trains®
  • Jeffrey Maitland, PhD, Jan Sultan,  Articular Manipulation
  • Anngwyn St. Just, PhD/ Peter Levine, PhD, Rolfing® Children/Trauma
  • Siana Goodwin, Repetitive Motion Injuries/Whiplash
  • Janie French, Annie Duggan, Rolfing® Movement
  • John Upledger, DO, Cranial-Sacral Technique
  • Anne Wilson Schaef, PhD, Living in Process®
  • Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement
  • Yamuna Zake, Yamuna® Body Rolling

Giving workshops, continuously learning new skills, maintaining national certification and state licensing are a part of her commitment to excellence. Sharon has longstanding relationships with area physicians, chiropractors and other medical professionals who readily refer their patients.

Artistically, besides “sculpting” bodies with her Rolfing®, Sharon has designed and fabricated distinctive jewelry for over twenty years and is an avid gardener. Her clients often comment on the peaceful and relaxing walk to her office and its comfortable and nurturing environs. You will meet Boscoboy, Sharon’s 8 year old whippet who has lure coursed and been shown in conformation. His gentle spirit guided him, with Sharon, in the spring of 2011 to become an official Pet Therapy Team. They are volunteers at the Gray Cancer Center at Hartford Hospital, greeting people in the lobby and seeing patients in the treatment rooms twice a month. It’s a win-win all the way around! Spanky, Sharon’s 18 month old whippet, is a delight. It is hoped that as he grows and matures, he will follow in big brother Boscoboy’s footsteps becoming a part of the Pet Therapy Team. They both sleep quietly in the corner of the treatment room, soaking up the voices and good vibes, happy to be safe, warm and included.

People get Rolfed when they are well-informed and ready for change. Sharon invites you to inquire about Rolfing® and look at creating some possibilities for yourself, your health and your life. Please call her at 860.561.4337 with any questions or if you wish to schedule a consultation. Balance and ease await you.