Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR)

Sharon discovered Yamuna®  Body Rolling (YBR) and immediately saw this work as an extension to further her Rolfing® clients’ results. She was certified to teach YBR in 2004 and loves giving private and semi-private sessions. She created a format for group workshops taught at various yoga and wellness centers in the area, teaching people how to roll out and relax their muscles using a series of balls.

What are the benefits of YBR?

  • Use as effective self-massage
  • Releases and re-educates muscles
  • Strengthens and tones your body
  • Provides weight bearing exercise
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Heals and prevents injury
  • Improves bone density

Who uses Yamuna® Body Rolling?

  • You! From couch potato to athlete, for all ages
  • People wanting quick, at-home relaxation and tension release
  • Those wanting to target and release specific tight muscles
  • People seeking peak performance: golfers, runners and cyclists
  • Dancers, bodyworkers,Yoga and Pilates teachers and fitness trainers
  • Anyone wanting to complement sports and massage practices

How does YBR work?

  • Roll on 4 to 10 inch inflated balls
  • Elongate muscles, alleviating tightness and tension
  • Learn techniques for rolling on YBR products
  • Use specific balls for an all-over workout
  • Improve foot fitness and balance with specially designed products
  • Use smaller balls for legs, deeper hip and spine work
  • Work on floor, chair or wall to accommodate any fitness level

How do I learn more about Yamuna® Body Rolling?

From Sharon Sklar, Certified YBR Practitioner who offers:

  • 2 hour basic and intermediate group workshops
  • Private and semi-private sessions
  • Direct purchase of a YBR book, DVD and other YBR products