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Rolfing® Rhymes With Golfing!

In 1980, I sat in Dr. Groves’ kinesiology class, studying the science of human movement, at Central Connecticut State University, with all the jocks. We studied the torque and dynamics of golf swing, baseball swing and various other accelerated sports actions. Little did I know how important that would be to me over my forty-year career as Central Connecticut’s only Rolfer. “Only WHAT?” you might be asking?!

Rolfing Explained

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, commonly known as Rolfing®, is a unique form of healing bodywork. Over a ten-session series, layer by layer, piece by piece, we work in the connective tissue or soft tissue of the body. The goal is to bring the body back to neutral after all the injuries, accidents or traumas of life. That fender-bender car accident you had when you were twenty, but your back hasn’t been the same since. That fall while skiing, that slip on the icy driveway, that corrective knee surgery or that hip replacement that never gave you back your full, secure range of motion- all happen because the body’s alignment and balance are out of whack.

Not at all like massage, Rolfing® is direct hands-on manipulation that works to release the deep layers of myofascial adhesions and thickening that develop after injuries, years of bad posture or after surgery. At first the injured fascia secretes a gelatinous liquid that allows the body to continue to move. But, over time, this liquid begins to dry out and acts like glue. It thickens in certain areas in response to the imbalances to secure the affected area. Layers of muscle begin to stick together prohibiting proper range of motion and limiting flexibility.

The force that is created by the friction of the specific hands-on pressure, creates heat. The heat begins to dissolve the gluing of the fascial layers. The proper muscular motion is regained. Instead of groups of muscles stuck together and moving as a region, the body becomes free to now experience the specific muscular action of each muscle. The hips move, the waist moves, the shoulders move, the neck moves all in a synchronized natural rhythm. Graceful, easy motion is restored.

Dr. Groves’ class was just one of several prerequisite courses I had to complete before I gained entrance to the Dr. Ida Rolf® Institute in Boulder, Colorado. In my quest to study this work that I was drawn to because of my own experience in my early twenties, I have never forgotten the importance of the foundation of movement I learned back then. Over the last forty years, I have used that knowledge every day, helping people re-establish their own body freedom.

I have had a series of golfers over the years who have come to me to get Rolfed, received great results, told their friends and then they told their friends. Throughout the spring and summer I see these guys who love the game, live for the game and almost cry when the late fall arrives.

Rolfing Helped Rob's Golf Swing

One of them, Rob Josephson of Berlin, came to see me back in 2013. He comes in once or twice a year for a “tune-up”. Here’s what Rob had to say-

“After over 35 years of playing golf and basketball, and working jobs that required either sitting too long or standing too long, my back was wearing out. I had soreness, tightness, pain and discomfort. I tried several remedies, but none of them worked until a West Coast friend told me about Rolfing®.

Thankfully, that led me to Sharon Sklar. She told me about the Rolfing® way of getting through the layers of muscle, tendons, ligaments, tissue and fascia to allow your body to get back into balance. And once in balance, stretching and strengthening exercises and ways of life (hydrate!) to keep in balance. Balance is the key to a healthy life- and a good golf swing!

I’ve recommended Sharon to 5 friends, and ALL of them have had tremendous improvement- pain relief, more flexibility and increased strength.

Sharon’s Rolfing® treatments will pay huge dividends!”

Frank's Golf Game Improved After Rolfing

Another client, Frank Roback of Newington said-

“Prior to Rolfing® I was always in a golf cart and had pain after playing. Now I walk the course on a regular basis and my recovery time is so much less.”

This work sells itself. Forty years of seeing results like these have proven that Rolfing® engages people in a very different way. It is an active process with “awareness” homework. We create space in the session by doing the direct manipulation, I explain how to then embody those changes and then you practice what you learned. Change happens over the ten-session series with time to integrate and with the willingness to try on something new and different. Learn how to sleep, sit, walk, stand in a supportive way which adds to the freedom of everyday movements and especially to flow of your golf swing!

I invite inquiries. Please contact me here or feel free to call my office landline with questions 860.561.4337. Consider coming in for a consultation to see if this important work of Rolfing® can change your life!


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