Sharon Sklar has been Rolfing® in Central Connecticut for the last thirty-five years. Rolfing® offers a combination of hands‐on bodywork and movement education. Manipulating the body’s connective tissue to rebalance the body can bring relief from chronic pain, stress and injury. Using her fingers, hands and elbows, she slowly works through deep layers of tissue to change structural patterns in the body by transforming fascial patterns and releasing restrictions. Results can be dramatic.
Contact Sharon in West Hartford today at 860.561.4337, and allow her to sculpt your body through Rolfing®, helping you to find freedom from pain, imbalance, stress and injuries.


What Clients are Saying:

“The Rolfing® Technique has helped me immensely with chronic back issues and other problems due to playing tennis for many years. It has helped me to “stay on a course” and do what I love.”

Adam B., Attorney

“Rolfing® makes me feel less tense, more relaxed and less sore.”

Christopher N., Student, Snow Boarder, age 13

                 “Christopher carries himself better – changes in his posture and confidence are very noticeable.”
                 Comments from Christopher’s Dad, Pete

“I’ve been getting Rolfed by Sharon for a number of years. I’ve been in several minor car accidents and always get Rolfed for pain relief. Since I now live in New York, I travel back to see Sharon and can highly recommend her. She is the best!”

Peter B., Senior Network Architect

“I headed to Sharon over twenty years ago when diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. It was gone forever. I have gone after surgery and when I can tell I’m not in alignment. I couldn’t live well without Rolfing®!”

Sandra L., Management Consultant