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Everything in nature has order and balance. Rolfing® helps you to get back to your natural balance after the accidents, injuries and traumas of life.


Feel free, move well, get Rolfed!

What Clients Are Saying

Megan Henry 

Age 30

Skeleton Soldier-Athlete
US Army World Class Athlete Program

"Thank you for my Rolfing® series. It made a huge difference in my training
for my Olympic bid in skeleton. The bodywork was great and I appreciate
how you instruct the basics of everyday movements like standing, sitting
and walking.

You are a badass!”

Monica C.  

Age 60


"I had been suffering for over 30 years from a post ACL repair with the inability to straighten the knee.  Therefore always walking with a slightly bent knee which affected my gait and posture as well as suffering from intermittent swelling and pain.  Since my sessions with Sharon, my knee is straight for the first time in decades and I no longer have any pain.  She is Wonder Woman.”

Adam B.  

Age 58


"The Rolfing® Technique has helped me immensely with chronic back issues and other problems due to playing tennis for many years. It has helped me to “stay on a course” and do what I love.”


Age 60

Healing Practitioner

"As a spiritual healing practitioner, I have always needed some extra support to stay aligned and grounded in my body.  Recently I’ve been dealing with a number injuries, and I am so grateful to have discovered Sharon!  Her extremely skilled and compassionate Rolfing has restored my body’s natural balance and joy of movement.  


I discovered Rolfing over 30 years ago, and have worked with a number of different practitioners.  Sharon’s work stands out to me, as her expertise allows her accomplish so much in each session that I feel amazing afterwards!  She is a fantastic person and so enjoyable for me to work with.  I have a number of special needs and she has tailored her work so I can receive the maximum benefit from the Rolfing. I gladly travel to see her!"

Roy P. 

Age 72


"After two visits with Sharon I was amazed at the difference in my back pain level. It went from 10 to 2. Before I started Rolfing®, I walked crookedly and my right shoulder was one inch lower than my left. This also cleared up after my second visit. Before, I couldn’t walk 100 feet without back pain, now I walk and it feels great!

I’m 72 years old and so grateful for Rolfing® and of course Sharon. I’ve been trying to get help for over twenty years with no results. Now I no longer use pills from doctors, no chiropractors and no PT exercises. I used ice packs daily before Rolfing®- no longer needed. I highly recommend Rolfing® with Sharon. You won’t regret it and your body will thank you with no pain."

Celeste S.  

Age 21


"Sharon Sklar has been Rolfing me since I was a baby (coming out of the womb is traumatic to a baby’s body).  Throughout my life—I’m 21—her work has helped to break up the fascia that has grouped up around my bones and muscles because of falls, sprains, and one growth plate fracture in my right ankle.  At the age of 16, I began taking Accutane for a skin issue which came with the “small” side-effect of chronic tightness.  Unfortunately, after only a few short weeks of using Accutane, I started experiencing extreme pain in my lower back.  During this time, I was a competitive swimmer who specialized in backstroke, so having pain in my lower back was less than ideal.  Thankfully, I was able to see Sharon at least once a month during that time, allowing me to continue to be able to swim at the level I had been swimming before starting Accutane.  Without those Rolfing sessions, I am not sure if I would have been able to continue swimming at all—thank you Sharon!"

Hilary Arnow


Age 64

Insurance Specialist

"When I heard Sharon say that she was 'born to Rolf,' I was intrigued. I didn't know what Rolfing was, but her confidence and conviction had me take notice. I had just decided to go cold turkey from my constant diet of ibuprofen and was looking for ways to eliminate the pain naturally. My ten sessions with Sharon changed my life. I can walk down the stairs without pain for the first time since my torn meniscus surgery four years ago. And there are days when I don't even remember that I ever had back pain. It's wonderful. I never knew the damage that my various injuries had done to my body. Sharon understands the body and instinctively knew what I needed to repair my body.


She is talented, dedicated, reliable and astute. I recommend her highly to anyone who has ever had an injury or pain in their body. Thank you, Sharon, for my new body!!!!!"

Grant Tyler

Age 61

Registered Nurse

"It is my great privilege to highly recommend Sharon Sklar as probably the most capable body worker that I have ever encountered. I am a Registered Nurse and during my adult life have worked with a variety of health practitioners.

A year ago I was in a head-on collision and sustained a whiplash. My first attempt for treatment was with a very competent chiropractor, receiving 14 treatments that ultimately did not really improve the stiffness in my neck. I decided to pursue other possible practitioners and remembered Sharon Sklar’s work 30 years ago. Although I had never worked with her, the time was right and I contacted Sharon.


Within one or two treatments my neck felt probably 50% better. Now at the end of ten sessions I can comfortably say that I do not have any discomfort or stiffness in my neck or body at this time. That is what I was ultimately hoping for in getting Rolfed and that's exactly what I got! What was unknown until I worked with Sharon was her amazing ability to make me feel comfortable and trusting in the process of her work. Her very friendly and connecting nature quickly helped me relax and trust her. I realized how intuitive and capable she was in ‘reading’ the body.  Her great skill was obvious and I experienced almost immediate benefits. Session by session I felt more grounded in my body and the subsequent lasting effect of her precise work. It is easy after working with Sharon to consider her a friend. I more than highly recommend her."


Age 70  

Shop Owner & Wholistic Practitioner

"My body was getting tighter, stiffer and less able to function like it once did. As a recently licensed massage therapist I knew Rolfing® could improve all of this. I not only improved significantly from Sharon’s skillful bodywork but was impressed by her role as educator. I relearned how to walk, stand and sit."

Rob J.

Age 52

VP Sales

"After years of back pain and soreness, and seeing various doctors (physiatrist, chiropractor, physical therapists) I was lucky enough to find Sharon. Her Rolfing® treatment put me back in balance and relieved the discomfort. Her subsequent advice on stretching and strengthening has been a huge help. Sharon has the magic touch!"

Richard P.


Musician / Professor

“I have been a client of Sharon’s for several years. As a professional, I have found that Rolfing® has helped me to overcome a potential career ending injury, learn more about my body and minimize the tension of being a professional musician.

I highly recommend Rolfing® to anyone who wants to gain more control of their body.”

Dan & Jan


Executive Board Members 

“Sharon has worked with us for 15 years. Since doing her 10 session Rolfing® program, she has helped with occasional neck, shoulder, ankle and back issues, as well as muscle therapy after breast surgery. These periodic treatments have enabled us to continue our active lifestyles, which include hiking, camping, gardening and golf.”


Age 55

Medical Doctor

“As a physician my expectations as a client were to be well-informed and to have desired results. Both were met and exceeded my expectations. Sharon is a highly competent, knowledgeable, energetic and respectful professional. She is passionate about her work and hence, delivers high caliber service. Under her competent hands I have experienced the ten Rolfing® session series, the five Advanced sessions and ongoing “tune-up” sessions. With Sharon’s expertise, my chronic hip pain lifted, my posture improved and I felt buoyant in all aspects of my life.

I unequivocally recommend Sharon to anyone who is interested in healing their body or advancing their general well-being.”

Sandra LaJeunesse

Age 66

Business Consultant

“Sharon does wonders with helping your body feel it’s best. I first discovered Sharon 25 years ago when I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, seeing if she could help. After several sessions, it was gone, never to return. I continue to see Sharon every now and then for things like a badly sprained ankle, tight-as-rocks shoulder muscles or tight fingers and hands from too much painting or computer use. After having surgery for a broken wrist, I saw Sharon. When I returned to see the surgeon, he couldn’t believe the range in motion I had in my wrist. He said PT would be a waste of my time and money! I have referred many family, friends and clients and all have been amazed at what a difference Sharon and Rolfing® make!”

Gina B.

Age 57

Painting Contractor

"Sharon has given me my life back. For four years I have endured chronic discomfort, pain and spasms due to a knee injury. Eventually my whole body and normal daily activities were effected in different ways. I tried physical therapy, water therapy, massage and acupuncture. Relief was temporary for a couple of hours at most. I was so frustrated. A friend mentioned she was going to a Rolfer and I remembered reading about Rolfing® in the 70’s. I researched it and concluded that it was definitely worth trying.

The results were absolutely AMAZING! After the 8th session I was finally walking normally. I could bend over, sit, stand up and climb stairs nearly pain free. The pain, if any, was level one compared to five to seven for the past four years.

Not all pain is in the joints or due to muscle weakness, but that’s what doctors treat. That’s what they understand (and insurance pays for P.T. and pain meds). My body, especially my left side, was like concrete under the skin. Only an experienced Rolfer, like Sharon, could undo the “blockages” and help bring freedom of movement back to my body.

Sharon is so knowledgeable, is always concerned with your comfort during the sessions. She explains what she will be doing and why, since you are an active participant. She is a skilled and gifted healer. You can tell how passionate she is about Rolfing® as soon as you meet her. Before you give up hope, or worse, just accept that you will have to live with chronic pain, call Sharon. She just may be the answer to your prayers – she was for me."

Brian Groves

Age 55

Environmental Safety & Health Specialist

"I would like to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working with you on getting my body back in line. To this end, I’ve experienced the following improvements in my daily life.


Foundation: Over these past sessions, I feel more equilibrium than I did before. My posture has improved! As a 55-year-old man I stand comfortably on my own two feet now, when prior to this, I could only stand for a few minutes before having to take a seat. My body is now in line with Earth’s gravity, and I don’t feel that I am having to shift from foot-to-foot with fatigue, as I did before. This has been key in a number of things.


Walking: With this new foundation that I mentioned before, I am able to walk in a manner that I can only compare to a railroad locomotive. I’m solidly on my proverbial tracks, and feel the equilibrium as if my center of gravity is solidly going from the top of my head and down my spine. Prior to the treatments, I’d trip on raised edges of concrete.


Taking a deep breath: With Rolfing®, I’ve been experiencing a deeper breathing in my body, which benefits me in many ways. More energy due to better oxygen intake is one, and clarity of mind is another. This has been wonderful.


Pain is gone: Sharon, this has been the single most important thing to me, to have my mobility back, to move freely without fear of going into muscle spasms in my back, etc. I could go on and on about this benefit.


Follow Ups SO Helpful! : In the following weeks, I opted to go back to Sharon for what I call a “Tune-Up” which were most beneficial to maintaining the progress that was made in my physical comeback. I’m also pleased in how this has helped with my overall emotional well-being, too."

Anne Waldman

Age 65

Registered Nurse

I have been going to Sharon since 1990... I started with her because I had multiple trigger points in my back after minor disc surgery in 1986. I was very skeptical about the process and the saint that she is stayed on the phone with me for an hour explaining all the benefits of Rolfing®. And here I am at 65, still seeing Sharon for maintenance. I've been through lumbar fusion, cervical fusion, bypass surgery  and various other injuries and she has managed to get me through with the help of Rolfing®. I felt that my post op recoveries were faster due to the Rolfing® and I found it much easier to get back to my sports because my body felt so good after each session. I wish there were more Rolfers out there because it is the most phenomenal therapy ever and has helped me more than any chiropractor, massage therapist or physical therapist. Sharon is professional, very talented, dedicated and best of all is a great friend to have. Thank you so much for all the help you have given to my body!!!!!

Ryan Karbowicz

Age 24

Graduate Student

My experience with Sharon has been life-changing!  Sharon has helped me to become more integrated and comfortable in my body from moment to moment. As a former collegiate golfer who has suffered from fibromyalgia as well as a curvature in my spine, each of my sessions with Sharon has provided me with immediate pain relief that lasts.  I’ve seen my posture, range of motion and flexibility improve immensely, as knots that I’ve had in my body for years have dissipated.  The area in between my neck and shoulders used to be as hard as a rock due to tension and trigger points, and it is now soft and mushy.  Sharon has also given me several great exercises and tips, which have enabled me to improve the condition of my body in between Rolfing® sessions. Sharon is the best!

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