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Every Body Needs It

We are the accumulation of all that’s happened to us. All the injuries, accidents, surgeries and trauma that we experience from birth, childhood and into adulthood can leave their mark in our connective tissue. This can result in chronic pain and an out-of-balance feeling. The basic ten session series of Rolfing® work to bring us back to neutral, negating the imbalance of old injuries and restoring flow and ease.

 When the body gets injured, the fascia (web-like connective tissue) secretes a gelatinous liquid which at first keeps everything moving. After some time, that liquid dries out and begins to act like glue. This glued down fascia adheres the layers of muscle which, in turn, inhibit the way these muscles naturally move. We then feel this imbalance in the form of chronic pain and just feeling “out of whack”. Rolfing® re-establishes the natural order and frees us to experience our unlimited potential.


  • What is Rolfing®?
    Rolfing® offers a combination of hands‐on bodywork and movement education. Manipulating the body’s connective tissue to rebalance the body can bring relief from chronic pain, stress and injury. Using her fingers, hands and elbows, she slowly works through deep layers of tissue to change structural patterns in the body by transforming fascial patterns and releasing restrictions. Results can be dramatic.
  • What are some of the benefits of Rolfing®?
    Relief from back, hip, shoulder and neck pain Relief from the consequences of aging, sports injuries, trauma and repetitive motion Stress release and reduction of chronic pain Achieving peak performance Improved posture, greater flexibility and balance of your whole body
  • How does it work?
    A progressive ten session series releases fascia (connective tissue) to restore, realign and revive Deep, gentle bodywork restructures your body to its natural position after injuries or years of bad posture Movement awareness promotes positive changes in daily living
  • Who are candidates for Rolfing®?
    Anyone seeking to recover from trauma, accidents, surgery and chronic pain Children and adults diagnosed with scoliosis, gait issues and sports injuries Those who feel they are “out of balance” and seeking a solution People wishing to enhance body/mind/spirit connections
  • Where do I get more information?
    Call Sharon at 860.561.4337 in West Hartford Attend a monthly info session about The Rolf Method of Structural Integration The website of The Rolf Institute: See Sharon at: Hartford’s Finest 2013
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