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Initial Rolfing® Consultation

We start with a 90-minute consultation to determine if this is the right direction for you. I get your medical history, emotional history, and areas of chronic pain. I ask a series of life-style questions and guide them into determining their own goals.

​We take photos with an instant camera and discuss your structure from a Rolfer’s perspective. Then I educate you about structure vs. posture and finding balance. There is no hands-on work in this session.

Since you receive the Basic ten session Rolfing® series just once, let’s make sure it is congruent with how you live.


Basic Rolfing®

This hands-on series is designed to organize, integrate and educate the whole person.

See your body as a tight rosebud. The Basic 10 session Rolfing® series begins the process of the loosening of the layers which begins the blossoming into the beautiful rose. It allows stuck, tight tissue to release and establishes ease.

Each session has a distinctive plan, is 75- 90 minutes in length and is payable each time you come in. Completed over 10-20 weeks, a person can feel, see and experience the difference.

Advanced Rolfing®

Months after completion of the Basic Series, you may opt for the five session Advanced Series. This takes the work a step further. The purpose of the Basic Series is to organize your body. The Advanced Series releases deeper patterns from your core.

Five 75 minute sessions every two weeks

Tune-ups (or post-ten work)

Many clients just love getting Rolfed. So, a-once-in-a-while or once a month session to address areas of interest, a change in recent circumstances (a slip or fall, tight neck from sleeping funny, etc.) or just wanting great bodywork to feel wonderful!

75-90 minute session as needed

Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR)

You learn to systematically roll on a specific series of balls that range in size from softballs to basketballs. The weight-bearing exercise is great for strengthening bones, releasing muscle tension and bringing blood flow to otherwise stuck, tight areas. There are also extensive techniques for releasing the feet which allow for better support and ease.

Individual or small group sessions are available.

Cranial-Sacral Technique

I studied with Dr. John Upledger, Osteopath, who brought this science to the forefront of wholistic medicine.

It is light hands-on work that establishes movement in the cranial sutures which in turn, increases cerebral-spinal fluid flow. Since the cerebral-spinal fluid offers nourishment to the central nervous system, people report more clarity, more organization of neck/head/shoulder issues and relief from headaches and upper body strain to name a few benefits.

75 minute session