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Have Sharon Sklar sculpt your body through Rolfing®.

Find freedom from pain, imbalance, stress and injuries.

Rolfing® is great for drug-free pain relief from headaches and neck/shoulder/back pain. Restore order, balance, freedom, create intention, conscious choices and more. 

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Sharon Sklar has been Rolfing® in Central Connecticut since 1981 and is so blessed to love her work.

Using a combination of bodywork and movement education, Rolfing® manipulates the body’s connective tissue to rebalance the major segments of the body and brings relief from chronic pain due to stress, injuries, trauma and surgery.

We work together to change your body’s structural alignment by releasing old patterns and restrictions.  This allows more natural, freer movement. Results can be dramatic.

Call Sharon's landline today at 860.561.4337 

The Rolfing® Technique has helped me immensely with chronic back issues and other problems due to playing tennis for many years. It has helped me to “stay on a course” and do what I love.”

- Adam B.  |  Age 58  |  Attorney

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