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Boscoboy - In Memorium

It is with a mixture of great sadness and extreme gratitude that I announce the passing of my dear dog Boscoboy. He was a fixture in my Rolfing® office for his thirteen years of life. Bosco was a gentle spirit with deep brown eyes that you could get lost in.

Always a gentleman, he was welcomed with me at Hartford Hospital as a Pet Therapy Team for the last nine and a half years. A two times cancer survivor, he stood for hope at The Gray Cancer Center. He taught his “brother” Spanky the way to be and how to navigate the world. Bosco and I learned the dog show ring, lure coursing and mostly enjoyed our hiking every Sunday. I was blessed to have had his love and companionship for those thirteen years.

A few weeks ago, we hiked on Sunday our usual five miles, he ran on the beach on Tuesday night, something happened Thursday morning and he was gone on Friday. It is my hope and prayer for us all that we go out on top of life, that we don’t suffer and meet the end with grace, dignity and surrounded by those we love.


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