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Sharon's Credentials

Educational Background


  • Bloomfield Public Schools, Bloomfield, CT

  • Boston University, College of Fine Arts- BFA in Sculpture, Boston, MA

  • Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, Graduate Work, West Hartford, CT

  • Bancroft School of Massage, Certification in Therapeutic Massage, Worcester, MA

  • The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®, Certification in Basic Rolfing®, Boulder, CO

    • Rolfing® Movement

    • Certification in Advanced Rolfing®

  • State of Connecticut License in Therapeutic Bodywork since 1997

I have studied with many great teachers along the way. Each of these gifted people has contributed their own special knowledge and insights. Thank you for teaching me the tools of the trade… and then some.

Teachers & Mentors

  • Tom Wing, Stacy Mills, Neal Powers, Patrick Clough, Louis Schultz, PhD, Basic Rolfing®

  • Jan Sultan, Michael Salveson, Gael Ohlgren,  Advanced Rolfing®

  • Tom Meyers,  Anatomy Trains®

  • Jeffrey Maitland, PhD, Jan Sultan,  Articular Manipulation

  • Anngwyn St. Just, PhD/ Peter Levine, PhD, Rolfing® Children/Trauma

  • Siana Goodwin, Repetitive Motion Injuries/Whiplash

  • Janie French, Annie Duggan, Rolfing® Movement

  • John Upledger, DO, Cranial-Sacral Technique

  • Anne Wilson Schaef, PhD, Living in Process®

  • Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement

  • Yamuna Zake, Yamuna® Body Rolling

  • Regena Thomashauer- Mama Gena Workshops and Mastery

People get Rolfed when they are well-informed and ready for change. I invite you to inquire about Rolfing® and look at creating some possibilities for yourself, your health and your life. Please call my landline at 860.561.4337 with any questions or if you wish to schedule a consultation. Balance and ease await you.

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