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Ending 2020 with Health and Joy

Would you ever have thought that a year ago we would be here - dealing with a global pandemic and in this political and societal turmoil? This would make a great sci-fi movie. But, it is real. This is our life. I for one, am glad 2020 is almost over!

As we celebrate Hanukkah and look forward to Christmas and all the celebrated holidays, we are reminded of the joy of family, friends and all those we love. Even though we cannot be together in person, our bonds and mutual goals will see us through as we stay home, stay safe and stay well.

How do we stay well? The fatigue of this ongoing COVID Pandemic can mount, adding to the stress of the holidays and our aloneness. Please remember to

hydrate. Many people drop out drinking water in the colder temperatures. Keeping your body flowing, with all systems working, helps fight off muscle and joint stiffness and the nasty effects of dehydration. Also, remember that caffeinated beverages are diuretics, removing more fluid from your system.

Please also eat your protein and try not go crazy with only sugary treats and too much alcohol. It’s so hard to stay healthy as we have a multitude of stressers coming from many directions. Match increased computer time and more time sitting by creating a daily routine for stretching, walking and/or dancing. Keep your movement flowing and keep your body joyous. We must find balance in the way we live to assure we can be ready for whatever comes our way. Reward yourself with a cup of delicious herbal tea instead of reaching for that cookie! My favorite delight is slicing up fresh ginger root, boiling it on the stove and with just a hint of stevia, drinking nature’s anti-inflammatory and antioxident elixir!

If your body is reacting to all this and you feel out of whack, a Rolfing® session or two might be just the right remedy to get you back on track. Like you, I’m here and not going anywhere! Masks, taking your temperature and sanitized bathroom and door knobs after each client are standard protocol these days.

I’d like to wish you and yours a sparkling and glorious 2021. May this coming year be blessed with goodness, health, community spirit and deepening of your desire to be the best you can be. Thank you for your on-going trust and for allowing me into your life.

We seem to have been given a blank canvas on which we can create anything. Use it well!


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