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40 Years of Rolfing®

I remember when I was twenty-two, post-college, and in my second session of my original Rolfing® series, I “knew” that I was going to become a Rolfer. It took three years of study including a certificate in therapeutic massage, college courses in kinesiology and physiology, studying at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado, and now POOF- it’s forty years later!


I am so filled with gratitude for a career that always left me feeling that I contributed to each person and helped them on their healing journey. I feel as though I have never worked a day as each day brings me satisfaction and joy. I love Mondays and at this point, have no thought of retiring. I am blessed to have a strong, healthy body and will be here to rolf you for as long as I am able.

Trying to celebrate this occasion despite COVID- no big party (until it is safe later in the year) and no organized events, has been an interesting challenge. I came up with a series of monthly themes that will contribute to the volunteer organizations I love and support and hopefully you’ll join in!

Thank you's

I did not get here alone and have some acknowledgements.

The first big “thank you” is to my parents who supported me in my dreams. When I chose to go to art school, they didn’t question how I would make a living. They believed in education. I was fortunate to go to a traditional figure-based school, Boston University, College of Fine Arts, where we studied the human form. My love for the human body began there. My parents encouraged me to pursue my passion for Rolfing®, even though they had no idea what it was and again, how I would make a living. They just believed in me and I love them for that.

My second big “thank you” is to my clients. Over these forty years, I have had the honor and privilege to meet so many wonderful, diverse and special people. The trust you have shown in me warms my heart- where would any of us be without that trust?! I appreciate the confidence you have shown in me and in this process of Rolfing®. Some of you I’ve known now for almost forty years, many for at least twenty years. You come back, trusting me as a contributor to your well-being. I am humbled and honored by your trust. I celebrate you and thank you for sending your family and friends to me.

Big shout out to my team- Mark, Jasleni, Diane, and Lacey who have helped me grow as a business and as a person. Having help, finding my voice and spreading positive messages really does take a squad. Thank you all.

Besides celebrating my 40th anniversary Rolfing®, I want to add a twenty-fifth anniversary shout out to buying my home/office in West Hartford. It has provided me with a safe, cozy place to live and work. Yes! Let’s add in on January 28th I celebrate fourteen years cancer-free, healthy, strong and determined. I am so very fortunate and say my prayers everyday.

Giving Back

I have created “Foodshare February" to commemorate my 40th Rolfing® year. I will give $4 for every client I see throughout February to Food Share to help feed our neighbors. If you want to join me, please bring in non-perishable food items or drop them off in a box in my front entryway. I will also accept monetary donations so by the end of the month we can make a collective stand during these unprecedented times.

I am very happy to finish “Just Get Through“ January with it’s political upsets, resolutions and a new beginning. Stay tuned for details on “Making a Difference” March. Please join me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for tips, inspirations, and fun!

Stay safe, stay well, spread joy!

Contact me for any Rolfing® questions you may have, to schedule a session, or to reconnect.


Photos, top to bottom: Sharon graduates from Bloomfield High School, 1972; 4-year-old Sharon striking a pose; Sharon's first office and second whippet boy, Noah, circa 1990; Foodshare preparing food packages.


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