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Animal Awareness April

Sharon Sklar continues to celebrate her 40th year in her Rolfing® practice with her "giving back" themes for each month. Unable to have a big party to honor the work she loves and feels blessed to do due to the COVID pandemic, Sharon decided to champion her favorite causes to raise awareness and, hopefully, money to enhance these causes.

“Animal Awareness” April showcases her beloved dog Boscoboy and the celebration of his 13th

birthday with his Bark Mitzvah. Because he has all the love and everything a dog could ever want or need, he and Sharon want to focus on fundraising for The Connecticut Humane Society and Our Companions. They both rely solely on contributions and Sharon has been a supporter of both agencies for many years. The Connecticut Human Society supports pets and their families statewide with facilities in Newington, Waterford and Westport, and Our Companions Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is located in Ashford, CT.

Sharon has served on the Development Committee of the Connecticut Humane Society for the past several years and was awestruck at the dedication to excellence the entire staff shows. The facilities are impeccable. They fund medical benefits and food for pets in need, rescue truckloads of dogs and are raising money for a state of the art new facility downstate to spread the offerings of medical care now done mostly in the Newington location.

Our Companions Animal Rescue and Sanctuary started with a dream and a donated abandoned 47 acre chicken farm in Ashford that had to be torn down. It is now home to several small dog and cat bungalows that house, train and make available as pets those critters that have been rescued. Susan Linker has done a masterful job at creating this non-profit whose message is “No pet should ever be homeless” and works to keep adopted pets in their forever homes by offering low cost training to handle any problems that might occur. There are also small animal adoptions and a Sterile Feral Program.

Just as Rolfing® makes a difference in how you look, feel and move, YOU can make a difference in the world around you. Take a stand, be the change.

To make a donation to the Connecticut Humane Society in honor of my 13 year old Whippet, Boscoboy, please click here. Your support is appreciated.

To make a donation to Our Companions, click here.


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