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Oh Boy! Oh Joy! October Rolfing® News

There is always so much going on in October as the weather changes and the finality of summer living shifts. That is what I have always loved about living in New England. At some point, as the hot weather gets to me, I dream of wearing fleece again and feeling more brisk air. Yes! My Rolfing® practice is continually busy and I welcomed many new clients during this, my 40th year in practice. I have you, my dear clients and friends to thank for your kind referrals and recommendations.

This October is very special in many ways. First, I’d like to introduce you to Sunshine or Sunny Boy, my new pup in residence. Spanky needed a brother after Boscoboy passed in May and it sounded like a good idea to have a new whippet puppy. It is a lot of work, but Sunny Boy is really smart, adorable, happy and free-spirited. He is amazing. Spanky is taking to him, as are the cats. We are a harmonious family after just a couple of weeks! So thankful to Sue Rosenbeck, my whippet breeder for my sixth whippet, the last three coming from her Woodsia Kennel on a 14 acre farm in Ohio. Sunny Boy was brought into the world with love, the ability to explore and with a lot of care. He has already visited Hartford Hospital as a part of our Pet Therapy Team at The Gray Cancer Center.

Second, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I will be fifteen years cancer-free in January and can attest to the outcome of finding any changes early. Please do your breast exams (both men and women) and keep up with procedures that, in the long-run, can save your life. Speaking from experience, there is life after cancer. I wake up every day and say my prayers. I am grateful to be healthy, sane and alive! Our Pet Therapy Team goes to The Gray Cancer Center every other Wednesday- it’s my form of giving back for the excellent care I received when I was really lost after my diagnosis, surgery, chemo and radiation. Please stay on top of your health and find the support you need to propel yourself to your next level. Rolfing® can be a part of that to help maintain your balance and order.

Lastly, we celebrated my mom’s 93rd birthday in late September and my great-niece Fern’s first birthday in mid-October. My nephew Seth and his husband Jack are great dads. Fern is destined to have a full, exciting life, having already spent 10 weeks in London while Seth prepared “Phantom of the Opera” for it’s return to the London Stage. She is smart, adorable and happy- just like my Sunny Boy! My mom is active, playing tennis until she was 90 years old, was a lifelong educator and a writer of many short stories and 2 novels. She won a playwritng contest in Florida and will have a reading of a 20 minute play she wrote on October 24th at the Delray Playhouse. My niece Sarah is going down to help her celebrate that weekend. I feel blessed to have so many wonderful things to enjoy this month.

Enjoy the fall, come in for a tune-up if that feels right and be careful raking those leaves and doing your yard-work.

My best to you always.




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