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Mother Earth May - celebrating 40 years of Rolfing®

As I reflect on my 40 year Rolfing career, I want to continue "giving back" throughout this milestone year by picking organizations and themes that are significant to me. Giving back has always been a cornerstone of my life. My Pet Therapy Team at Hartford Hospital is one of the ways I pay it forward. I am happy that after a COVID hiatus, the pet therapy visits have been reinstated. When I’m not Rolfing, look for me and my whippet boys twice a month at Hartford Hospital.

“Love Your Mother” May includes so many things – bio-moms, mother figures, Mother Earth – you get it. You can join me in giving back by sending a contribution in honor or in memory of a mother figure in your life. If you love Mother Earth, volunteer to weed a garden or plant a new garden of your own. Help clean up the environment, switch to earth-friendly green products in your home and business, gather litter in your community, write to a congressperson about environmental issues, contribute to sea turtle re-population, or rethink your consumption of non-earth-friendly plastic products.

My two favorite earth causes for this month are “The Ocean Clean Up” and 4Ocean. “The Ocean Clean Up” sells sunglasses made from captured and recycled plastic from The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The sale of each pair of sunglasses promotes the cleaning of 24 football fields of garbage floating in the sea. This garbage will eventually effect our ecosystem throughout the globe. Check them out at

The other very worthwhile cause is My client, Feline, gave me this bracelet in April telling me she was attracted to the 4O logo to celebrate my 40th year of Rolfing. She did not know my theme for May- it was a total coincidence! The bracelet is made from post-consumer recycled plastic and glass and each one funds the removal of one pound of trash from the oceans and coastlines. The company website shows various other products that forward the commitment to the clean ocean movement.

Enjoy our glorious spring, take a stand for Mother Earth and all that is Mother. I thank you all for your support of my Rolfing career over the last 40 years!

In gratitude,


Contact me here for more information about how Rolfing might help you.

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