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40 Years of Rolfing® - July 16, 1981

I was certified as a Rolfer on this date, so I celebrate this 40th year in practice with joy in my heart for a life filled with work I love. As I created “causes” throughout this year to acknowledge this special time, I am so grateful for each of you, my clients, for the trust and confidence you have shown in me over the years. Your referrals of friends and family give me reason to smile! I suppose “imposter syndrome” hit me when I was a young Rolfer but, after all these years, I must be doing something right - or I would have been long gone!

Also on this day forty years ago, my nephew Seth was born. We have joked over the years that we have the same “birthday”. I always wish him a happy birthday and he wishes me a happy Rolfing® anniversary. We have that lifetime connection. Seth is wonderful, creative and happy. He and his husband Jack welcomed their daughter Fern in October and are great dads.

Celebrate everything, every day and in every way possible. It’s onward to #41 for me with joy in my spirit, strength in my body and compassion in my heart. Thank you for a life filled with purpose and contribution.

With love and gratitude,



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