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Happy Summer 2024!

This time of year is very reflective for me. Two wonderful things happened on July 16, 1981. I was Certified as a Rolfer after almost three years of intense training and study and my nephew Seth was born. We often joke that’s it our “birth day” as we both came into this world that special day with new life and dreams.

A dear friend recently told me about Ikigai. I looked it up on Wikipedia- “a Japanese term that blends the words “iki” meaning “to live” and “gai” meaning “reason” which translates to “reason to live”. It’s a concept that encourages people to discover what truly matters to them and to live a life filled with purpose and joy.”


Well, without knowing about this wonderful abstraction, I can say the last forty-three years have just flown by. My work as a Rolfer nurtures me as well as my clients. I feel connected every day and know that I’ll never retire willingly! I am so grateful for a lifetime of purpose and vision and see every reason to experience that on a continual daily basis.


My world as a Rolfer and my background as a sculptor combine to see the world in 3-dimensional form. I have used that vision in my gardens and home environs and love to “sculpt” my clients into more balance and order so that they can each live a life of freedom and ease of movement. I am blessed beyond words to have this reason to live and prosper.

I wish you and yours a delightful summer filled with quality time, great visits with friends and family and a break from the mundane. Come in for a Rolfing® tune-up or think about going a step further and starting the Rolfing® Advanced 5 session series. I am here for you, I am grateful for you and I feel fortunate to be healthy, well and full of the spirit of Ikigai, the reason to live and be engaged in life.


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