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Re-Frame and Take Your Power Back!

What a world we are living in! How our lives have changed - moment to moment, it is all new and different. We watch the news, see the numbers of people infected by COVID-19 going up, we heed the warnings and can easily be paralyzed with fear.

The intention of this writing is meant to give you some other view - a more wholistic view, a paradigm shift. I am asking you to re-frame your view, to take your power back. Here are some helpful hints to calm your nervous system and find some ease in all this chaos.

We all have this opportunity to slow down, live a simpler life and feel connected again without all the distractions of our everyday busy-ness out in the world. We need to remember to breath and remember to laugh. We can self-reflect, looking at how we have been living our lives. This virus attacks our lungs, which are organs of life and breath. Is there something you need to grieve and let go of? It’s the perfect time for a cleanse of the spirit - spring and rebirth are upon us.

A few great tips I’ve read that I’d like to share with you:

  • Take daily walks, get some sun. Vitamin D is produced by sunlight and promotes your immune system. This virus concentrates on indoor air and lots of people.

  • Stay hydrated. Alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt can dehydrate you. The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) recommend 125 oz of daily fluid for men and 91 oz for women. If you are over 60, don’t rely on feeling thirsty. As we age our sensitivity to detect thirst declines. Just keep water nearby and drink!

  • Take immune-boosting herbs, high doses of Vitamin C and increase levels of zinc. Make tea with loose herbs, cook with them, use supplement form, use the essential oils in a bath, rub on your chest (diluting with coconut oil) or use in a diffuser. Click here for more information about herbs and their uses.

  • Take control of your weight and wellness by cooking healthy foods at home or, if you smoke, focus on quitting the cigarette habit. Doctors report that people who are overweight, smoke, have insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes have greater risks. You can choose a healthier path!

  • Drink warm to hot beverages throughout the day to keep your throat open and let the gastric juices in your stomach neutralize the the virus. Some reports indicate this virus may get stuck in your throat for 3 to 4 days and then travel to your lungs. It creates thick mucus which can solidify and obstruct pathways. Also, several times a day gargle with warm water and lemon or vinegar to keep your throat happy.

  • Avoid eating and drinking cold things. Forget the ice!

  • Love your pets! This is a person to person transmitted illness.

  • Wash your hands with soap often and keep surfaces clean, especially handrails and door knobs.

We are all afforded the time and quiet to process changes right now and let go of old stories that we no longer need. I, personally, have gotten out and raked up my yard and gardens. I am walking my very happy pups more. I am about to organize my closet and have been catching up on paperwork. I baked up a storm last week and spread my favorite baked platters around to neighbors, friends and family - mailing some but mostly drop and call! Connect with and look after your neighbors - especially if they are older, live alone or have younger kids they are trying to keep occupied and calm. We are all in this together. We get to create it all with a new look, a new kindness and some great energy. There is special joy when I see people on my walks to wave, say hello, acknowledging we are one, we are the same on many levels.

Spring has arrived - my neighbors crocuses are out, the forsythia are blooming, we had our freaky spring snow fall! Stay positive, be healthy and I certainly am looking to seeing you soon!

2 комментария

28 мар. 2020 г.

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for sharing your wellness wisdom. Stay well.

Linda Quattro


25 мар. 2020 г.

Great thoughts Sharon. Stay safe and be well!

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