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Rolfing® - more gratitude, less sugar

Updated: Apr 4

Hello and happy spring! We made it through another winter albeit not a snowy, cold or “bad” winter. That’s the great thing about being in New England- we have the change of seasons that allows us to appreciate the shift to a new circumstance that brings new ways of being.

One of my new ways of being for this early spring is that I embarked on a 90-day program to eat more consciously and cleanly- a revisit of a program I did almost two years ago. It rocked my world then and really shifted my life! Not such a bad thing, so I joined 4 other friends to re-do this program and support one another. Letting go of sugar, my cravings for it and its harmful effects on my body is my big desire. So far, so good! Just know- it’s in everything! We live in a world of rewards filled with sugary tasting hollow foods that give us no real nutrition. My end goal is to eat to be nourished.

Another new way of being is that every morning I write in a gratitude journal. Instead of waking up, turning on the news and doing what I do to get ready for my day (self-care, feeding the animals, walking the dogs, checking in on my emails), I enjoy the silence. I write ten “gratitudes” in a journal that I keep by my bed. My day starts out connecting to myself, deeply feeling and not being influenced by war, death, politics and whatever else television throws out at me. I feel more centered, peaceful and genuinely excited to begin my day from within.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and vibrant spring. Let’s all try to feel more connected, listen more to what matters and create an oasis from our world which is chaotic, torn and unsettled. We can each change that for ourselves if we try.

Come in for a Rolfing® tune-up,

go out of doors,

plant a garden,

tell your people you love them.

My best,




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