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Spring Back into Life!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The Covid numbers are down, the snow has melted and the warmer weather has arrived. I, for one, am thankful to greet this spring and welcome back parts of my life that have not been present for the last two years.

Recently, in the span of ten days, I went to the theater three times, had dinner out a couple times, had friends over for dinner at my home and have felt some lightness in my spirit. Going through the last two years has been difficult for us all and somehow we have persevered.

I think we all crave “normal”. My normal is still wearing a mask at the grocery store or in very public spaces. My normal is still taking my clients’ temperatures when they walk in. My normal is realizing I haven’t had a vacation but it’s because I have a new puppy and vacations and new puppies don’t mix!

As a native New Englander, I love the change of seasons. We earn the delights of spring because we made it through the tests of winter. I’m the first in line to buy my pansies and I can’t wait to clean up my yard. As I watch the daffodils pop up through the soil, I am delighted by the cycle of growth that nature bestows on us several times a year.

Happy and healthy spring to you. May you find comfort in this crazy, upset world by smelling the fresh air, enjoying the sun’s warmth and being blessed to live with freedom. If you'd like to spring into a pain-free life, please contact me at 860.561.4337. Or here.

My best,



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